• Absolutely an amazing, life changing experience. Efficient, responsive professionals.

    I have been a contractor for many years now. And worked for well known brands in contracting and agency work. I haven't come across anything like the service I was provided with at CRA Group, in terms of the people I liaised with during all the stages of recruitment process ( Logan and Louise mainly). They've been ever so cool, well mannered, perfect people in general! This I don't often say about everyone! But these two (Louise and Logan) deserves all, as they've given me a massive lift in my overall professional standing! Thanks to both!

  • Excellent recruitment process with lots of help and support during the whole contract duration. I'll recommend CRA Group to all. They really show lots of care on concern to all workers.

  • My new family …

    This is my first time experience working for an agency, however with the support from the CRA staff members; this has been a positive experience.

    Without Logan’s expertise in consultation, l don’t think l would be writing this review. All l can say is that Logan has changed my life.

    Teamwork with Louise they have made me feel at home. Excellent communication skills.

    Will recommend CRA group to anyone who has less experience working with an agency.

  • Positive experience with CRA.

    I received a courtesy text informing me that a role had been found which matched my CV and asking whether I was interested in the position. On getting my response in the affirmative Alexandra was swift in scheduling an interview for me. I have found Alexandra very helpful in communicating with me before and after the interview. Mark B.

  • Friendly and efficient.

    I hadn’t done agency work before, so it was all new to me. But Louise explained everything as we went along and even phoned me on the morning of my interview to wish me luck. All very friendly and efficient - and the job opportunity perfectly matched my skill set.

  • I would say CRA group are really one of the best I have worked with my consultant Louise she is excellent and always a call away always helpful and there for me . They are always there to help when I need them and they have given me a very good post at Camden which I love so much and I don’t think any of the other agencies I’ve worked with top CRA also the manager Romell is excellent always there I can call and speak with him if my consultant is not available I will say CRA 10/10.

  • CRA Group is one of the best there is. My personal consultant was Louise and she was fantastic from the beginning. She understood my passion and desire for what I was looking for and was super dedicated to making sure she found me a position that best suited me. She was extremely kind and helpful and was always there when I needed help. I would highly recommend CRA Group.

  • Great place to find a Job.

    I was contacted by team leader recruiter Lisa Greatorex in this company about a job that she thought was suitable for my job search. I found her to be super efficient in getting the job details out to me, knowledgeable in my field of Housing, she nudged the employer for feedback at my request when the recruitment process went on and on and was very polite. I found Lisa to be an active listener in matching me with relevant positions and above all she made me feel this was a personal service. I also dealt with Louise Sonuga who was equally helpful. CRA Group is a good place to help find a job.

  • I was contacted by Louise, who found my CV online. It was a great surprise to find that "there was a job going" locally, just down the road in fact. What is more, it was just my line of work, given my experience, and suits my requirements perfectly! I would definitely not have found this without her so thank you (attach virtual flowers).